1. Pomology - focuses on the generation of suitable technologies and training of technical manpower for a competitive tropical fruit industry.
    Contact Person: Prof. Paciano T. Quirol
    Phone: (053) 335-2628 (office) 335-3811 (home)

  2. Plantation Horticulture - addresses critical issues and concerns towards the development of appropriate technologies and technical manpower for the modernization of plantation crop industries with emphasis on abaca, coconut, coffee and cacao.
    Contact Person: Prof. Arsenio D. Ramos
    Phone: (053) 335-2628 (office) 335-4023 (home)
    E-mail: adr_senio@yahoo.comadr_senio@yahoo.com

  3. Olericulture - aims at developing the full potential of the region's resources for the effective, efficient and sustainable production of high-value vegetables.
    Contact Person: Dr. Rosario Salas
    Phone: (053) 335-2628 (office)

  4. Ornamental Horticulture - leads in the development and advancement of the region's ornamental industry.
    Contact Person: Prof. Elizabeth D. Briones
    Phone: (053) 335-2628 (office) 335-3796 (home)
    E-mail: edb_ph@yahoo.comedb_ph@yahoo.com

  5. Nursery Culture - deals with the commercial propagation of important horticultural crops using traditional tools and micropropagation techniques.
    Contact Person: Prof. Enrique R. Alcober
    Phone: (053) 335-2628 (office) 335-2660 (home)
    E-mail: ekingalcober@yahoo.comekingalcober@yahoo.com

  6. Postharvest Horticulture - concerns with the preservation of the quality of harvested horticultural produce.
    Contact Person: Dr. Antonio L. Acedo, Jr.
    Phone: (053) 335-2628 (office) 335-2752 (home)
    E-mail: acedo@Philwebinc.comacedo@Philwebinc.com