College of Agriculture

Having served the Department of Agronomy and Soil Science (DASS) for 37 years, Clemente R. Honrada has proven that excellent work and dedicated service cannot go unnoticed. He has spent half of his life serving the Visayas State University as an Administrative Aide, and this year he has finally reaped the accolade that he deserves when VSU gave him the Best Laborer Award for 2016.

Diligent, honest and dependable. These are the adjectives that Mr. Honrada's co−workers use to describe him. He is fondly called “Mente” by them. He started serving VSU as a project-based research laborer under the supervision of Dr. Rodolfo G. Escalada, former head of DASS. For three consecutive years he obtained outstanding ratings in his job. Who wouldn't give him high remarks? He is an expert plowman who can perfectly make straight furrows at various spacing without markers. He can troubleshoot minor defects of hand tractors. He takes initiative in making non-functional farm implements usable, like replacing broken handles of spades with bamboo poles. He solves field problems when these are still within his capability. He even spends extra time in the field just to keep newly-sown seeds safe from the attack of birds and other pests. He performs tasks with willing to accept additional tasks.

Mente also has a big heart for animals. As the caretaker of the Department's carabao, he takes charge in feeding it. He cuts and carries forages for the animal from time to time and keeps it safe during bad weather. He also takes care of the department’s mallard ducks.

Not only is he good in performing his tasks, he is also highly sociable and has a good working relationship with his peers, fellow laborers and superiors. He actively participates in team building and other cultural activities of the department. He also lends a helping hand to the students who need assistance in the preparation of the experimental area for their thesis.

Mente said that his work as a laborer has fed his family and helped his children pursue their college education in VSU. So, as a way of thanking the University for giving him a job, he said he will continue to serve it to the best of his ability.