It is said that “great leaders are born, not made,” but the Student Regent of the Visayas State University (VSU), Mark Michael Unlucay, believes in the opposite. To him, his experiences shaped his leadership skills and guided him in his journey as a student leader in VSU.

The 20-year old Development Communication student, Mark, comes from a broken family. However, his grandparents raised him as a good Filipino citizen despite being born with a foreign blood. He was born in Brgy. Bubon, Baybay City. His grandparents are the most significant people in his life. He considers his grandfather as his inspiration. As the current Student Regent of VSU, he has recognized the people behind his position - his fellow students.

Mark started out as a student who had the courage to get involved. His first experience as a leader was during his second year in college when he became a facilitator of the VSU-Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS). He was elected as the first year representative of the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences Student Council (CAFS-SC), first year representative of Development Communicator's Society (DECSO) and a member of the VSU chorale. He became a peer educator of the VSU-HIV Online Provider Education (HOPE) in which he later became the regional team vice president. He compared himself to that of a pencil being sharpened. It was during his third year in college when he decided to run as president of the CAFS-SC.

The overwhelming support of the students motivated Mark to run as president of the University Supreme Student Council (USSC). During the USSC Assembly, he had seen the uncertainty and fear among his fellow leaders. He remembered what Spider Man said that “with great power comes great responsibility,” yet the only thought that ran through his mind that time was that he is capable to lead thousands of Viscans. His will to lead conquered all his doubts and fears. He wanted to make sure that the students will be heard and that he will be the vehicle to carry their messages to concerned school officials.

In his first 100 days of service as the Student Regent and President of the USSC he focused on the problems that students face with their instructors. He requested that student athletes be given good allowance. Now, the athletes' allowance has been increased from Php150 to Php300. He also made sure that the USSC would have enough budget for its future projects. The Amaranth's request for the budget of a better publication was approved. He finalized the guidelines for the implementation of the different programs and services that the USSC can give to the students such as medical, death and organizational assistance. Most importantly, Mark fights for rights of the students - may it be against sexual harassment or any form of violence that violates the students' rights. There are rooms for improvement and Mark commits to do his best. Mark acknowledges that God has been good to him. He said, “God is really good all the time because to Him, it doesn't matter who you are. If it is meant for you then he will give it to you.” So, since God has allowed him to become the leader of the students in the university, he said he will try to give his utmost commitment to promote the welfare of the students in the whole Visayas State University system.