The College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) conducted its annual Research, Development, and Extension (RDE) In-house review from September 4-6, 2017. A total of 59 research projects/studies and 18 extension and development projects, whether completed or ongoing, were presented and reviewed. “Review is necessary for us researchers to keep track of our activities and the focus of our projects. I encourage our researchers to really strive and make [their papers] a little better so that we can submit the papers for publication,” said the College Research Coordinator, Dr. Lolito C. Bestil, as he presented the rationale for the RDE review.

A panel of five evaluators reviewed the reports and presentations, Dr. Erlinda A Vasquez served as chairperson for research projects, and Ms. Mora C. Abarquez of the Baybay City Agriculture Office was the chairperson for extension and development projects.

All qualified research, development, and extension projects that cover Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Natural Resources (AFNR), will be included in the next level of review - the Level II - Inter-Agency RDE Review with VSU serving as Cluster IV.