My original plan was to run as a board member for the council”, recalled 2017 CAFS Student Council president Jeanie Rose Deluza. “I was supposed to discontinue my plans, but during the election I realized: If not me, then who?”

Colleges have recently fallen short of willing leaders, with many choosing to prioritize academics than sharing their time with council responsibilities. This leaves council positions open to anyone, even those with questionable competence.

Jeanie Rose Deluza, however, is far from 'questionable'. Jeanie is a senior Development Communication student majoring in Educational Communication Technology. She was a former president of the Development Communicators Society (DecSo). She was the former Social Media head and chief photographer for Amaranth, the official student publication of VSU. She was also part of the awardwinning local environmental group 'TARSIER'.

Despite her merits, and the fact that there was a very thin choice for council positions, Jeanie is not sitting still. Like many leaders before her, she is also out to prove something, and is not about to let her constituents down. This is proving challenging, as she has to fill the shoes of her impactful predecessor, Mark Unlucay.

“I have their trust and it's something a person shouldn't just throw away”, says Jeanie firmly.

Jeanie says one of the major projects of her administration is to secure an office for the CAFS SSC. The college is the largest in VSU, yet it is forced to move to any available room every time work needs to be done, because it has no permanent office space. Currently, Jeanie is eyeing the vacated LIDAR office at FARMI.

Just two months into Jeanie's leadership, the GUARDIANS, CAFS and the College of Nursing's Intramurals team, rose from its last place finish in the previous year, to the third place among 8 competing teams in the recently concluded system wide VSU intramural games.

“The preparation time was too short, and it was really tough for us, especially the officers, but we did not give up”, mused Jeanie.

Jeanie believes that “leadership is learned”, and with the progress of the school year, more and more challenges and opportunities to learn await her and the CAFS Supreme Student Council. Student leadership remains difficult and time consuming, especially with the largest College in the University. But quitting is the last thing on our new president's mind, as she confidently asserts, “if not me, then who?