The College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) pr o du ced ano ther to p graduate who landed 10th place in the Agriculturist Licensure Examination together with 20 successful examinees in April 2017.

Miguel Francisco Basilio Abulencia, a graduate of MS in Soil Science garnered an 84% rating which shares the 10th spot with other successful examinees from the University of the Philippines Los Banos, Ifugao State University, and Central Luzon University.

Abulencia, who is now an instructor at the Department of Soil Science (DSS) said that to top the board exam, one should start reviewing two or three years prior to the exam.

This year's institutional passing rate of VSU is 53.85% with 21 board passers, 12 of which are first-time takers.

This is higher than the national passing rate of 31.55%. This is also better than VSU's passing rating last year which was only 43.15%.

The Philippine Regulations Commission (PRC) made the official announcement of passers on May 5, 2017.

The passers from VSU are: Mardoqueo Abarca, Miguel Francisco Abulencia, Jefferson Ebero Bantiles, Jeanette Dag-uman Calise, Bernadine Emely Castrodes, Alma Mantua Flandez, Glen Molina Gil, Justina Maria Sarah Hermoso, Vanessa Hernandez Israel, Mark Vincent Eleo Jansalin, Leinefe Bual Libres, Sychelle Jansalin Matbagon, Jefrey Maglasang Montero, Rachel Abrillo Ondras, Cesar De Gracia Pabia Jr., Josefina Sabundo Quiriquiri, Elmyr Jhun Caindoc Tan, Kristal Jane Tapacion,l Tapayan, Charmae Batinga, Jennifer Alba Tizon and Editho Vinculado Jr. Considering its licensure exam performance, the CAFS remains consistent in producing industry-competent graduates for the University's flagship program.