Agron 21 Fundamentals of Crop Production
FS 121 Fundamentals of Farming System
Agron 115 Field Crop Physiology
Agron 121 Root Crop Production
Agron 122 Annual Fibers
Agron 123 Seed Technology
Agron 132 Sugarcane and Legume Grains Production
Agron 141 Cropping System
Agron 142 Legume Production
Agron 143 Forage and Pasture
Agron 144 Cereal Production
Agron 195 Practicum in Crop Production
Agron 198 Research Planning and Manuscript Preparation
Agron 199 Undergraduate Seminar in Agronomy
Agron 200 Undergraduate Thesis
Agron 212 Field Crop Production and Management
Agron 213 Manuring of Field Crops
Agron 214 Physiological Aspects of Crop Production
Agron 215 Applied Field Crop Physiology
Agron 220 Root Crops
Agron 241 Advanced Cropping Systems
Agron 242 Advanced Legume Production
Agron 243 Advanced Forage and Pasture Management and Utilization
Agron 244 Advanced Cereal Production
Agron 290a Special Topic/Research Problem
Agron 299 Graduate Seminar in Agronomy
Agron 300 Master Thesis


SS 22 Principles of Soil Science
SS 23 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
SS 110 Soil and Soil Management
SS 111 Principles of Geology
SS 112 Soil Survey, Classification and Land Use
SS 113 Soil Microbiology
SS 114 Soil and Water Conservation
SS 115 Soil Chemistry
SS 116 Soil Physics
SS 117 Soil and Mineral Nutrition of Plants
SS 120 Geology and Forest Soils
SS 144 Soil and Plant Diagnostic Techniques
SS 198 Research Planning and Manuscript Preparation
SS 199 Undergraduate Seminar in Soil Science
SS 200 Undergraduate Thesis in Soil Science
SS 211 Advanced Soil Fertility
SS 212 Genesis, Morphology and Classification of Soils
SS 213 Advanced Soil Microbiology
SS 215 Advanced Soil Chemistry
SS 216 Advanced Soil Physics
SS 217 Land Resource Evaluation
SS 219 Soil Organic Matter
SS 290 Special Topics/Research Problem
SS 299 Graduate Seminar in Soil Science
SS 300 Master Thesis