Center of excellence in instruction, research and extension in the field of pest management in the Visayas.


Attainment of the highest quality of human capital equipped with scientific knowledge to develop sustainable, environment-friendly and affordable pest management technologies.


Produce high quality professionals in Plant Protection to cater to the needs of the populace through the application of sound pest control technologies for improved crop production.

Job Opportunities

Plant Protection graduates may be employed as instructors in various agricultural colleges and universities. Since they are also trained in research and extension, they can work in government and private agencies whose concern is agricultural production and all its aspects in science research and administration, forest protection and management. They may work as quarantine officers in airports and seaports. They also have bright prospects in the private sector particularly in agribusiness enterprises and the pesticide industry. They may also apply for work or graduate studies abroad. Enterprising graduates may start small scale business in pest control, apiculture, sericulture, mushroom production, medicinal and pesticidal gardening, weed and butterfly preservation for handicraft and aesthetic value, and other similar undertakings.

Scholarship & Financial Assistance

Undergraduate major students may qualify in any scholarship or financial assistance available to all VSU students such as:

  • University scholarship - for students with a grade point average (GPA) of 1.00 - 1.45 in the preceding semester
  • College scholarship - for students with a GPA of 1.451 - 1.75 in the preceding semester
  • Grants in Aid
  • Philippine Agriculture and Resources research foundation, Inc. (PARRFI) Scholarships
  • Weed Science Society of the Philippines, Inc. (WSSP) Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Phytopathological Society Visayas Division Scholarship
  • Student Assistantship - for those who cannot qualify as scholars and are willing to work during vacant hours
  • Graduate Research and Teaching Assisstanships - available for graduate students in the MS/PhD programs
  • Part-Time Instructor