The DFST as center of excellence in food science and technology in the Visayas.


Enhancement of the general well-being of the beneficiaries of agriculture, fishery, and agro-industry in the Visayas through effective manpower development, technology generation, dissemination and application of appropriate food technology.

  1. Effective education in food science and technology.
  2. Appropriate knowledge and technologies relevant to food processing and utilization.
  3. Strong linkages with private industries and organizations for the commercialization of appropriate technologies generated.
  4. Public awareness and advocacy on relevant issues affecting food quality and safety.
  5. Dynamic cooperation with various units in the institution and with external organizations concerned with food science and technology.
  • To be true and scientific Food Technology Students
  • To support and pursue the goals of the LSU Organization of Food Technology Students who are self-reliant and self-sufficient.
  • To abide by the rules and regulations of the College.
  • To work harmoniously with other student organizations and help foster the objectives of the school for economic and social causes.
Career Opportunities
  • Food Technologist in Food Industries
  • Research and Development Workers in Food Companies
  • Technical and Sales Representatives in Food and Related Industries
  • Researchers in Government and Research Institutes
  • Instructors and Researchers in Colleges, Universities and Technological Institutes
  • Government Food Inspectors in Regulation and Safety
  • Extension Workers in Government Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs in the Food Business
  • Managers in Food and Related Companies
  • Food Engineers in Food and Related Establishments
  • Quality Control Scientists
Student Organization
  • Philippine Association of Food Technologists - Kappa Student Chapter (PAFT-KSC)
Course Related Organization Awards
  1. 2005 - 1st place
  2. 2004 - 2nd place
  3. 2001 - 3rd place
  4. 2000 - 3rd place
  5. Environmental Management Award(2003)