The Department of Development Communication as a center of excellence in development communication in the Visayas


Enhancement of the general well-being of the Filipino people through effective development of manpower in development communication and application of relevant knowledge and technology.

Undergraduate Program

The department offers the Bachelor of Science in Development Communication (BSDC) with majors in Community Broadcasting, Development Journalism, and Educational Communication Technology.

Graduate Programs

The Master of Science in Development Communication (MSDC) is designed to enable students to understand and practice basic and advanced communication concepts, principles and theories applies to instruction, research and development. In addition, it trains students to assign appropriate communication interventions as means of achieving the goals and objectives of a given development programs/project. The department also offers four graduate courses for Master in Agricultural Development (MAgDev) students who take development communication as their cognate.

Development Journalism

Development Journalism majors are trained in reporting, writing, and editing for newspapers, magazines, farm primer, technology guides, brochures, and in preparing expository publications.

Community Broadcasting

Students majoring in Community Broadcasting learn to use radio primarily as an educational medium. Students are equipped with the fundamental knowledge, abilities and skills in the use of broadcast media to support development efforts.

Educational Communication Technology

Educational communication technology majors are equipped with the fundamental knowledge, abilities and skills in multimedia production, applying the knowledge and tools of information and communication technology.